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CountUp syrup is a best remedy for the low platelet count patients. Its natural ingredients such as Giloy, Papaya and Punarnava having potency to increase blood platelets count by stimulating bone marrow. This syrup significantly accelerates the rate of increase in the platelet count in patients with dengue fever and dengue haemorrhagic fever include some other health benefits like suppress the malaria, viral, effective in other fevers.

  • It is helpful in increasing body immunity level, decrease toxins in blood, improves liver function and decrease body ache.
  •   It is powerful immune booster that helps to increase the blood platelets count. It prevents platelet destruction in the blood.
  • It used as a prophylactic to prevent the body cells from being infected by the dengue, virus.
  • It is helpful for those people who are feeling very weak after suffering from any type of illness/ fever.
  • It speed ups the recovery of body&rsquos normal functioning from the viral fever.
  • It helps to improve overall quality of life by restoring and maintaining physical health.
  • It reduces tiredness and fatigue and enhances energy level.
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