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Liver Fuel 60 CAP The liver is often thought of as the body's natural detoxifying organ.

  • It contains milk thistle, traditionally used as a liver tonic. It acts as hepatoprotector in people who have liver damage due to conditions like alcoholic liver, nonalcoholic fatty liver and helps to cleanse or detoxify the liver.  
  • Studies suggest that betaine and Nacetyllcysteine helps to improve liver function by protecting it from hepatotoxins & free radical damage and also help in faster recovery of damaged hepatic cells.
  • It contains turmeric and artichoke, which have been traditionally used to provide digestive support by relieving digestive symptoms such as flatulence, abdominal bloating and cramping.
  • It contains dandelion root extract and punarnava extract which helps to stimulate the secretion of bile on a regular basis that keeps the liver healthy and functional.
  • It contains CoQ10 possessing antioxidant properties that helps to regenerate the liver cell and reverse the effects of alcohol related liver disorders.
  • Recent studies show that glutathione has ability to maintain protein, enzyme, and bilirubin levels in the blood of individuals with alcoholic and nonalcoholic chronic fatty liver disorders.
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